About us

Many of us have been to the grocery store and grabbed a product of something off the shelf, only to find out later it wasn't real at all. Full of fillers, sugars and preservatives. Vanilla extract is one of those products that is quite often not real. Often the cheaper extracts don't even contain vanilla!  Not a single vanilla pod is used. The vanillin (one of the key flavor components of vanilla) used in false vanilla comes from a by-product of wood pulp! Why? Well, one reason. It’s cheap to make. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice into the world, but it's a professional chef’s secret weapon. used not only in baking but also meats, gravy's, soups, sauces, desserts and much more. with over 250 flavor compounds in a single bean.

While sitting on the beach in Mexico debating the quality of the "local Vanilla" I decided to start a quest. this ended up being a year long research in the world of Vanilla.

Today the world is changing, and it has become important to know what we are eating and where it comes from. So, inspired by my loving gentle mother in-law (Ella) who encouraged my idea of making our own handcrafted vanilla products, and after more research Ella's Pantry was born.

All of our Pure Vanilla Extracts, pastes and powders are made by us exclusively from Madagascar, Tahitian or Mexican Vanilla Beans the old-fashioned way. Cold extraction process in small batches. We don't buy someone else's product and re-bottle it. It takes time and skill and the result is a Vanilla Extract that captured the hundreds of flavor compounds hiding in the vanilla pod.

Our beans are juicy, plump and from Madagascar Tahiti and Mexico. There is something special about scraping out the vanilla seeds, smelling the aroma, of fresh vanilla pod.


 Enjoy high quality premium vanilla products at reasonable prices from Ella's Pantry